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The one and only roller derby mouthguard

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Standard SISU MOUTHGUARD  (now denominated size "Medium"), 1.6 mm. This is the common SISU mouth-Guard, the most used in Roller Derby.

Too good to be true, SISU mouthguard is an astonishingly thin, obnoxiously bright, boomerang-shaped hunk of technology made for high impact sports like roller derby. 

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SISU has revolutionized the mouthguard industry with unmatched quality and functionality SISU Mouth Guards. Designed with the athlete in mind, they feature strength, comfort, hygiene, remoldability and freedom altogether. SISU is the ultimate brand on the market. Roller derby skaters from all around the world have adopted and approved it.



SISU MOUTHGUARDS are 8 times tougher and 50 % stronger than conventional mouthguards. The revolutionary "Diffusix" Technology used give them an unbeatable strength. They are 100 % reliable for roller derby players to feel safe on the track. 



With its super slim 1.6 mm thickness, SISU has been designed so small that athlete forget they wear it and can keep it in their mouth an entire game or training session. You can breathe, drink, and talk while wearing your SISU mouthguard. Nothing like a large clunky guard, SISU gives you all the comfort to enjoy playing. 



Because you do not have to take it off constantly to drink or talk, SISU mouthguard is way more hygienic than most mouthguards. Germ transfer from dirty and sweaty hands to your mouth are less likely to happen!



Your SISU mouthguard can be remolded so to ensure the best fit and to maintain comfort and protection. An easy process you can re-do many times, by placing your mouthguard in hot water, wait for it to be soft and pliable, then remold it inside your mouth. 



Choosing SISU is choosing freedom! Because your equipment should never be on your way to performance or make you feel obstructed in your game play.


Feeling free while feeling safe to play hard is the key to success! 


How to mold - SISU

How to mold your mouthguard - SISU

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