Our selection of Protective gear to ride safely on the roller derby tracks

Protective Gear - My Roller Derby



    Selection of helmet for roller derby or outdoor skates. Protect your head with quality equipment.

  • Knee Pads

    Have quality protective gears when practicing roller derby. Protect your knees with our knees pad’s selection.

  • Elbow Pads

    Selection of elbow’s pads for roller derby or outdoors skates.

  • Wrist Guards

    Practicing roller derby requires to have quality protective gears. Find out about our selection of wrist-guard to soften your fall.


    Those are the mouthguard that fit the best with roller derby practice. You can breath and talk while wearing it and still keep it safe.

  • Combo Padsets

    Save money and choose a full pack of protective gears

  • Other Protection

    Crash pads, shin bones’ protection…those are not mandatory but sometimes we just need them to be even safer. Think about your coccyx !

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