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In the spring of 2022, MyRollerDerby expanded its business by creating your personalized Hellbow Skating team outfits.

To present these outfits here are some important technical points:

  •  8 cuts are available: Some jerseys have sleeves (Colibri, Grive, Merle and Heron) on which the numbers are written.
  • We also offer custom helmet covers and flags in your colors. Also find our black and white helmet covers IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP.
  • Our fabric (breathable, resistant to Velcro and stretching) is produced in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes by a renowned specialist.
  • The fabric is printed via sublimation for an infinity of colors and shades and guarantees a very good longevity as well as an optimal rendering.
  • The clothing is made in Occitania, France, by a company specializing in technical clothing, active in particular in Rugby.

Our jerseys are therefore 100% made in France and our know-how guarantees the best quality for your outfits!


How to order?

  •      To place an order, you must download an order form that you will find on any product sheet to personalize, in the attached document tab.

How to complete the order form?

  • To complete the order form, you must fill all the fields in green. On the "type of jersey" column, select the desired product (jerseys, helmet covers, etc.) from the drop-down list (it's long so scroll down!)
  • Then fill in all the jersey information in the following columns.
  • If you want other customizations (like pronouns) indicate it on the columns at te right of the table.
  • If you have multiple teams with different designs, you can use multiple order form sheets.

Do you make jerseys for referees?

  • Yes we make jerseys for referees. Just put "Referee" in the color and we'll take care of the design.

How to transmit the design of our jerseys?

  • On each jersey page on myrollerderby shop, in the "Attached documents" tab, you can download a template to stick your design on and adjust it to the cut of the chosen jersey. We work with Adobe Illustrator for better quality.

We don't have a graphic designer and need help with the design, what should we do?

  • Contact us on and show us the design If it is a simple design, we can make it directly. If your design is still undetermined or very complex, we work with a professional graphic designer (Derby player) who can create the jerseys of your dreams. Its service will be invoiced independently of MyRollerDerby and Hellbow Skating (Count about 350 € for a complete design).

We make our jerseys with another supplier, can we have the same design with you?

  • Yes, we can make you the same jerseys as your current jerseys produced elsewhere. Contact us via to discuss how to proceed, it's quick and easy.

We produce with another provider, why switch to Hellbow Skating?

  • Our jerseys are specifically designed for Roller Derby, unlike other providers who offer their jerseys originally intended for other sports (football, handball, etc.). Resistance to Velcro, stretching, optimal color rendering, our jerseys are also breathable and perfectly adapted to your sporting practice.
  • Our products are 100% made in France in the European Union. This guarantees us a very high reactivity, with deadlines that can be adjusted to your needs. Our deadlines are generally around 4 weeks, but contact us in case of urgent need, everything is possible. 24-hour tracking delivery offers you an express delivery guarantee.
  • Production in France = no customs or import fees and VAT is already included for european union teams  Be careful when shopping abroad, the bill on delivery is sometimes very high.
  • Hellbow Skating and MyRollerDerby are managed by members of the Roller Derby community and support as much as possible (we would always like to do more and better) Roller Derby in Europe (news site and championship results, donations to team raffles) . Supporting our activity by ordering your jerseys with Hellbow Skating allows us to always do a little more.


For more information, contact us by email via:


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