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BONT high-end roller derby plate 

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The Athena is BONT high-end roller derby plate choice. Designed with smooth, elegant lines, the chassis is crafted from extruded 6061 aircraft aluminum. The plate is made to extremely tight tolerances and has a low profile which means that the wheels are closer to the boot than most other plates. This lowers player's center of gravity and improves edging. The 20-degree kingpin angle is great for making tight turns as well as top end speed. A variable adjustment nut and grub screw allow to skate with plate tight or loose to suit everyone style. The plate features Delrin pivot cups and premium ultra-high rebounding urethane cushions that are made in the USA.The plate is triple polished with a final brilliant shine polish. Together, it delivers optimum power transfer, total control, perfect edge grip and the one thing every skater is looking for – more speed! Color : black 

The Athena plate has the same insert than the Ignite model so you can choose to upgrade your plate with no need to drill new holes. 

20-degree kingpin angle/extruded 6061 aircraft aluminum/8 mm truck diameter/silver color/no stoppers 

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