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Hellbow Skating is proud to present its new range of Made in France leggings available in three lengths: Long (65.95 EUR), Shorts (55.95 EUR) and Shorty (50.95 EUR).

They have been designed and approved by Roller Derby players and are ideal for all sporting disciplines, from yoga to climbing to running.

Hellbow Skating has chosen to offer high-end outfits made in France. The Hellbow Skating Leggings are compressive and made from a very opaque, light and strong fabric.

It resists abrasion of the velcro of the protections.

The belt stays in place thanks to its integrated elastic and contains a pocket at the back to keep your mouthguard or keys.

Local production (fabric and clothing) limits environmental impact and guarantees socially ethical production.

So yes, they are more expensive than SHEIN leggings at 15EUR, but they offer top quality and the guarantee of production that respects the environment and the people who worked on its creation.

Our leggings are also 100% customizable to your team colors, for the same performance as our plain versions. For personalized versions, go to the MyRollerDerby shop, personalized textile section.

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