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Rollers Reign ARES 100

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Hockey revolution by REIGN Powerslide Reign Ares 100 premier inline hockey skates. Fast, agile light w/ heat moldable carbon shell, Ego SL TRINITY frames & 3x100mm wheels.

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Le Reign ARES 100 est le patin haut de gamme de Powerslide.
Agilité et vitesse de pointe inégalée, c'est un patin plébiscité par les joueurs de haut niveau qui recherchent avant tout la performance.

Fast, light, supportive, nothing is holding you back when you’re skating in the POWERSLIDE Reign Ares 100 - the world’s premier 3-wheel inline hockey skate. With a cutting-edge boot, the POWERSLIDE Reign Ares 100 inline hockey skate delivers the support and control you need for quick turns and sudden stops when the game is on the line. With its comfortable 3-D Recall Padding, this inline hockey skate is a dream to skate on, even in long, intense games that go into overtime. The POWERSLIDE Reign Ares 100’s light carbon composite boot is also heat-moldable, making it exceptionally responsive. Based on the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system, this elite inline hockey skate comes with the superlight EGO SL 3x100mm frame. Combined with the TRINITY mounting system, the POWERSLIDE Reign Ares 100 offers a low center of gravity, giving you unmatched stability and control. Riding on fast and grippy 100mm POWERSLIDE Trident indoor wheels and precision WICKED ABEC 9 bearings, you’ll be amazed by the agility and power this impressive 3-wheel inline hockey skate provides. Reinvent your game and bring it to the next level in the POWERSLIDE Reign Ares 100 3-wheel inline hockey skate.